God called Elisabeth and she listened

It was a typical Wednesday at the Amason house. Get out of bed, let the dogs out, get breakfast for the kids and get everyone ready for the day. Drop the kids off at school and then head to work. Work for a few hours, get the kids from my mom’s go over AWANAS and Cubbies verses for Wednesday night and then off to church. But what Christy and I had no idea was this Wednesday was going to be God’s day to add to eternity. Elisabeth and Garrett were taken to church on Wednesday night by Christy because I was already at church in a meeting. After AWANAS, Christy took the kids home to get them ready for bed while I went and hung out with a good friend. According to Christy things were totally normal at home. Come in, get the kids in a bath and then put them in bed. Christy was praying with Elisabeth like we do every night and Elisabeth showed Christy how amazing and perfect the innocence of a child is and how God uses those moments to show us how we should be. Elisabeth started her prayer like her typical every night prayer and then all of the sudden, she just did it. She asked Jesus to come live in her heart forever. Christy said it was just so simple and perfect. And that’s the way it should be. Pastor Randy said they talked about the Romans road to salvation Wednesday night and he said she was totally engaged. God used the entire day to prepare Elisabeth’s heart and our hearts. Elisabeth showed us again how simple and innocent things should be. Many people think there should be some HUGE conversion or feeling or a slap to the head but remember God moves in His ways. This was the day God called out to Elisabeth and she listened. Yes, God pursued a 7 year old and pulled her to Him. Just as He did with Elisabeth, God calls out to you. Just listen with the innocence of a child and know God is calling out to you. All you have to do is listen and follow God.

Love you all!!