The Career Man – Part 3

As Carrie drove off from the airport, she was crushed. She thought John would change his mind and say he would be back in a couple of weeks, but it didn’t happen. On her way back home, she thought about what the future held for her. Could she really face the future without John?

She didn’t know if she could wait six months to talk to John but knew this is what he wanted. But in six months she’d talk to him again and then maybe she could tell him them. Or, if he saw her in six months, he’d know what she needed to tell him. He’d know just how much she needed him over the past few months and just maybe, he would then stay. Many changes were coming in her life and she had nobody to help her, she thought.

The change Carrie knew was coming started about two months prior on a trip with John. They had gone on a tirp to a remote island in the Pacific and they had a weekend of what seemed to be never ending love. They had not done this to this point in their relationship but with the beach in the background, they couldn’t help it. They had finally realized their love for each other and this beautiful moment was now more than that. It was a moment of change and Carrie didn’t feel she was ready now that John had left.

That weekend Carrie had gotten pregnant and now she was all alone being the care taker for her parents and for a baby that was due in just a few months. She really wanted to tell John but didn’t want to push him into a corner and make him feel as if he had to give up his dreams to tend to a family. She knew he would stay if he knew a baby was coming but she did not want that to be the reason he stayed. He needed to go and spread his wings and in a few months, maybe things would be so they could be together again.

Carrie loved John but just didn’t know what to think. She was beginnning to see a side of John she didn’t know was there. This man who she had fallen in love with was more in love with his career than her in her mind and just didn’t understand why he felt the need to try to advance rather than find something else. Even if it were with another company and starting over. She felt they were going to have to start all over in six months but she was trying to force herself to understand his reasoning. She hurt badly but told herself she understood. She was also happy with her career but knew she would have to change companies now because it would get back to John about her being pregnant.

Carrie had never started over but now she would. A new job, a baby on the way and her parents health badly diminishing. Carrie was lost in it all but knew things would get better. Or just hoped it would get better. Time heals all pain she thought and she wondered on her way back home what John was thinking on his flight home. Was he sad? Did he cry at all? Does he have a clue about her being pregnant? Could he go six months without her? Will he be back? And finally, does he really love her?

These thoughts went through her head and she couldn’t help but think her phone might ring and it be John asking her to come back and pick him up. But it didn’t happen. John boarded his Continental flight back to New York and was ready to face the next six months.

All he knew was he had left her heart broken and he would be back and things would be alright. But John had no idea what would happen once he arrived back in New York. His life was about to take a huge change and it would impact him forever.

To be continued…

The Career Man – Part 2

As Carrie drove John to the airport, there was complete silence. No talking about their decision and a bit of nervousness in both of them. They had fallen in love with each other but for now they have decided to put things on hold until something changed.

This decision was extremely tough but it was the one John thought was best. He really wanted to move to Houston, get married and start a family but didn’t see a way to make it work with his career. He was determined to make his career his main priority until he felt it time to make a change and until he felt he could find a job he thought fit him in Houston. He knew this was risky but John had always been a risk taker. And had never thought he would ever miss on a risk, especially this one.

Carrie on the other hand was hurt. Almost to the point of destroyed. She really thought John would rather start a family than a career and she was beginning to think if she really knew him at all. She had to stay in Houston to take care of her parents and there was no way she would move to New York with them still in Houston.

This decision was made and now both of them were rethinking what they, mainly John, thought was best. But in the end, John was ready to board a flight and not see Carrie for a while. It might be hard but he thought if he worked enough, it would ease his mind.

As they pulled up to the airport, John looked at Carrie and broke the silence. “I still love you Carrie, I just think this is the best way right now.” As Carrie looked into his eyes, she began crying and couldn’t say anything. She was crushed and just wanted him to get out of the car. She couldn’t look at him any longer.

There was more she wanted to say but couldn’t at this time. She had to let John go because she felt if she asked him to stay there would always be regret and it would hinder their relationship. John opened the car door and as he began to get out, he leaned over, gave her a kiss and said “I love you Carrie.” Carrie sat in cold silence, crying and wiping her eyes. As John shut the door to her car, a crying Carrie whispered, “I love you too John but you have no idea what the future holds for us.”

To be continued….

The Career Man

As John rolled out of bed and headed to get ready for the day, he couldn’t help but wonder if  this was it. It was not a typical Saturday for John but one that he had to get ready for anyway. As he stared at himself in the mirror waiting on the shower to heat up, he just couldn’t help but think about the past and future. But today was the day most on his mind and John wondered if he had done enough.

John was your typical high school student who played sports, studied and couldn’t help but get ready for the future. He was raised by his parents to be respectful and to prepare himself to take care of his family, no matter what the cost.

John saw his dad work 2 jobs at times and saw his mom clean houses and work other jobs to help pay the bills. This is what he did not want for his family so after high school, John attended college to prepare for his future career. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life but he was very smart and knew he could do anything. His life was on track and he was on track to graduate with his M.B.A. in only 5 years.

Upon graduation, John found a job that he knew would suit him best. He took a job with a consulting firm that promised to have plenty of room for advancement. Nothing had ever gotten in John’s way to his future once he set his mind on a career. He made it through high school in the top 10% of his class and finished college with an honors degree. John was sought after by many top American companies and he soon took a job with U.S. Consulting. They were young, energetic and ready to make a top executive out of John. John loved his job and worked hard as a 23 year old up and coming junior executive. He made it to where he wanted to be and was now set on his career, no matter what the cost.

John’s career was booming and on a business trip, his life would change forever. While in Atlanta for a conference, John met a “rookie” with U.S. Consulting named Carrie. She reminded him of someone from his past and was excited to see someone as excited about their career as him.

But what John didn’t see was a fire burning inside him and Carrie. At first it seemed to just be about business but soon, their relationship would turn to much more. But a couple of problems existed. He lived in New York and she was in Houston. And according to their company, they couldn’t get married and work together.

They talked about what to do and it just didn’t seem they could get something worked out. Carrie was alright with giving up her job but couldn’t move to New York because she was the caretaker for her parents. John didn’t want to give up his career but the company didn’t have a place for him in Houston. What to do was killing both of them because so badly they wanted to start a life together. But they just didn’t see a way, unless John was to quit and find a job in Houston. But after looking around at many companies in the Houston area, John just couldn’t find a job.

As they discussed it over a long weekend together, they finally knew what they had to do. They knew at this point there was no turning back from this decision. No matter how hard or how frustrating this would be, they knew this was the best decision for both of them at this time. But was it the right decision for their future? Only time would tell and they promised to have no regrets. It was easy to say but hard to do.

To be continued…..

The Journey Begins

Jack’s curiosity and wild spirit drove his actions but this time he was reserved. He couldn’t even think about going but yet something inside was telling him to go. It was miles away. Another country, another culture, a much different language. But still he wondered why he got the call. Why not someone else? Do I seriously need to go? And with that thought, Jack’s decision was set. He would go and see but didn’t think he would stay long.

There was so much to do to get ready. His passport was ready but had never been stamped, well, not since he last saw his parents. Jack was born in the remote jungle around the Amazon and came to the states with his sister, Shelly, and aunt when he was 8. His parents were captured and presumed dead. The only family he had was Shelly and and their aunt who didn’t want to raise kids. They came back to the states and began a new life. One without stability, parents or a clear future.

That was then and not much had changed over the years.  Jack often wondered about his parents. Why did they want to raise a family there? Why were his parents always having people over? Why did they have to answer the door that night? Why is all that went through his head for the last 20 years.

Jack’s parents were teachers in the Amazon. They spoke 3 languages and had the respect of most of the tribes. But there was one tribe, the most feared tribe, that didn’t want them there any more. Jack and his sister wondered why they stayed but their dad always said it was their calling. “We’ll stay here forever kids, however long that is,” he would say.

Jack wondered about them often and said he’d go back if he had the chance but once before, he said no. But Jack’s sister always wanted to follow in her parent’s footsteps. So after college, only 4 years ago, Shelly went back to the Amazon to teach. Jack was furious with her decision but like their dad said, it was a calling and there was no holding her back.

But this time it was different. The voice on the phone was too familiar and coudn’t believe who it was and what they were saying. Jack got everything he needed in place for the journey. Tickets were purchased, good byes to his friends were said and Jack was on his way. Leaving Kansas City was easy, the hard part would be getting off the plane. Going to a place with lots of history and bad memories. But he knew this would be different.

To be continued…

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is perhaps one of the best TV series I can ever remember watching. It was based in the 1960’s and focused on a kid named Kevin Arnold and his “Wonder Years”. As I sit and watch these episodes now, I think back to when I was in Junior High and High school. (I know, it’s been a while but I do remember these years.) What I remember the most is why they are called The Wonder Years.

During this time, I started wondering about so much and trying to figure out what was going on in life. And as I wondered, I learned. I learned so many things like how to play football, basketball and many other games. I learned the value of keeping my mouth shut, though I didn’t do it much. I learned the big guys on campus fall harder than most and they fall for many reasons.  I learned what new food and drinks tasted like. And I learned what a hangover feels like. I found out what a first kiss is like and it’s something to remember forever. I wondered what it would be like to fly, so I jumped off a roof or two. I didn’t fly but I learned if you act on your wondering, there are times it hurts! I got to find out the meaning and value of family during a rough time and how to lean on your family for strength. I found Jesus but ran from Him. Then I went back and then away again. I wondered why He took me back and through reading scriptures, I found out why. I wondered what it would be like to sleep in the mountains of Colorado by myself and got to find out. What a great time! But mostly, I wondered why my parents were pretty crazy and I found it was because of my wondering!

Throughout my wonder years, I learned plenty of dos and don’ts but mostly I found love. Love from Mom and Dad, my brothers and friends. I wondered what a best friend would be like and found out. But also I found out that the wonder years should never stop. I don’t believe our learning can ever stop and neither should our wondering. Wondering about stuff that makes sense already or stuff that makes no sense at all. I still wonder about stuff that makes no sense to some but stuff I just want to know about. I have found when I stop wondering about this and that, I stop learning about new stuff. Learning is a great thing and it’s something we should all keep doing.

So, don’t lose your wonder years. If you have lost them, find them again. Wonder about stuff that makes no sense to others. Wonder about things like what a rainbow would actually taste like if you could taste. Where is the plane going that you just saw take off from the airport. Where is that family next to you going on vacation. Where do people work when you meet them. Just wonder. It’s not a bad thing, it just makes you think. When you see something that reminds you of a good time, remember that good time like it just happened. Don’t stop learning or wondering. Because if you do, life, or worse, you could get boring!

Love you all!

Touching a Life

Success. It has many definitions but what is it to you? I heard a sermon yesterday someone gave me to listen to. She said it impacted her so amazingly that she wanted to share it with me. During this sermon the preacher talked about many things but part that stuck out to me the most is this. He was talking about the true meaning of success.

Status or size usually equals success in most people’s eyes but what does it mean to be significant? According to the preacher, in order to be significant, you must touch at least one person’s life for the better. And this is something I believe is correct. This shows to everyone that we do care and we are willing to walk with that person through the good and the bad. In order to touch a life, we must be willing to take the burdens of others and place them on our shoulders to help relieve the pain they are having. We must be ready to get into the foxhole with them at their darkest hour and cry, listen, pray and love them. We can’t cast them aside because we don’t agree with them. We must know they will be there for us in our good and bad times. We should rejoice with them when times are good. We must be able to be happy for them when we are sad. And we must be able to share with them the victories in our lives. We must also be ready to give and receive advice. It will come so be ready. And lastly, we must love this person no matter what. We can’t show them anything but love if we want to truly touch each others life. And if we can do all of these things for one person, we must be willing to do them for anyone God puts in our life.

It’s not your status that will be remembered when you leave this place, it’s about the lives you touch. I write this with many people on my mind and in my heart.  I hope I have not torn down a life with my words or actions but I know I most likely have. I only hope that I have touched at least one life in the world so I too can have a life worth remembering like so many who have touched my life.

I love you all!!

After the Comma

I heard a guy on sports talk radio the other day talking about what’s after the comma that is put at the end of your name describing you. He was talking about Sam Bradford, Heisman Trophy winner. According to him, he will never be anything because he will never have anything important after the comma or a comma at all he thought.

As I sat thinking about this, I thought how sad for him. To have nothing to be proud of and to think that nobody will remember him after he’s gone because it doesn’t say Heisman Trophy winner or Hall of Famer. But to me, that’s all fluff. If that’s all you are to be remembered for, will you really be remembered?

I don’t think so. I like mine. Mine reads as this: R Dennis Amason, husband, dad, son, brother, friend, uncle, cousin and Saved Child of God. That’s what’s after my comma. I think I can live and die with those words behind my name. Can you live or die with what’s behind your name?

Love you all!