A Little Encouragement

Encouragement, it’s something we all need, rather we know it or not. It’s not something many feel they need daily but let me say, we all need encouragement. This morning, I did two small devotionals. They dealt with encouragement.

Encouragement comes in all sorts of ways and from all sorts of people. Over time, I have been encouraged by those closest to me, from strangers, from customers and from out of the blue people. I have been encouraged by words, by someone doing something for me without me asking and from someone simply smiling. I am an encourager by nature and there are times I completely forget I also need encouragement. There are also times when I get encouraged by someone and I don’t realize they are encouraging me by their actions.

There are times, like this morning, when I get a text from my oldest daughter about a friend of hers and the struggles her friend is going through. I was encouraged because my daughter and her group of friends are loving on this girl right where she is, not where they want her to go. They are helping her by praying for her and allowing her to vent during this most difficult time. It encourages me because I see my daughter and her friends growing up to do what we hope we have instilled in them to do with those they do life with. They aren’t looking out for anyone but her right now. This is encouraging.

I was encouraged one time when a friend from high school sent me a text that read, give me a call when you get a second, I need to talk to you about something that happened today at school with your son. This is not always the text you want to get but when this friend told me his daughter had witnessed my son reaching out to, listening to and praying for a friend of his at school, I was encouraged. I was so encouraged by his actions that it brought tears to my eyes. Again, our kids encouraging others. I hope I do this same daily!

Another time I was encouraged was by a friend from high school stopping by my office one day. I hadn’t seen or talked to Jeremy in a couple of years. He stopped by, walked in my office and said, “I have no idea why I’m here today but I felt I needed to talk to you.” Jeremy stayed in my office about an hour and we talked about life since the last time we had talked. The last thing he said to me as we hugged was, “Dennis, never forget how to love people, especially your wife and kids. Don’t ever forget how to love them, even when it’s hard.” This happened at a time when things were not great for me and I needed this reminder. Exactly one week later, I got a notification Jeremy was killed in a motorcycle accident. I just sat there and cried. Not only because I lost a friend but that God had sent him to encourage me when I needed it most. Jeremy was a cheerleader in high school and his last act toward me on this earth was cheering me on for the life ahead! What a gift and I thank God for sending him to me that day!

I am encouraged daily by my wife. She may not know it but her smile every morning encourages me to be better than I was the day before. She does so many things for me and our family and keeps me grounded in who I am, not who I think I should be. She loves on me, even when it’s hard to love on me, and she is always there, no matter what. This encourages me to be a better person daily.

You never know who or what will encourage someone today. It may be sending a simple text just to let someone know you are thinking about them. It may be a smile at a stranger or a hug when you know someone needs it. It may be keeping your mouth shut and allowing someone to talk when they need to just get some things out of them. Believe it or not, there is encouragement in listening.

Encouragement comes in big and small doses and at times, it’s the small doses we get or send out daily that encourage us or others the most. It’s making time when there is none for someone. It’s writing something to someone that says you are there. It’s not always easy but it’s something we all must do. I love to encourage others to be their best. I’m not always the best at it but I want to encourage others to be their best. I hope this finds you encouraged and I hope all who read this are stepping out of their comfort zone today to encourage someone. Not for anything in return but to let someone know they are on their heart and mind.

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