The Boy

The Boy. Better known as G. Or G-Man. Or Money. Or simply, Garrett. He’s our boy and he’s a really cool kid. G and I have been buds since birth. His arrival into our family was very anticipated and I still remember that first day so well. It was Feb 6 and the Super Bowl had just been played a couple of days before. Our daughter was just over 2 at the time and she was ready for HER GARRETT to get here!! After G was born, I was standing in the nursery with him while they cleaned him and while his momma was resting after her hard work. Our 2 year old girl came up to the window and said, “Is that MY Garrett?” I simply replied, “Yes.”

Their bond began with that simple question. Over the years, E1 and G have grown into great friends. They have their issues like most siblings do but they are buds. They would do anything for the other and G has always looked up to his older sister. She was pretty much his guiding light for his first few years. She mothered him and he always asked for her approval. When he would say something, he would end it with, “Right Elisabeth?” Over time, they have remained close. So close that when G was baptized, he said the most influential person to him getting saved was E1 and he had her baptize him. That was a beautiful moment and one we as parents will never forget. They really are close and it makes us smile when we think about them as siblings.

G has a tender heart. He is one of those people who will do anything for you, no matter who you are. He’s loyal to his family and friends and gets along with most everyone. I’ve said a thousand times, if you have a problem with my son, you are likely the problem. He gives everyone a chance and wants everyone to succeed. His love for others is evident in his daily walk and how he serves at church on the weekends. G is no doubt a lot like his momma in this manner!! Loving, loyal and a beautiful spirit!

G is also stubborn and most of the time has to find out things the hard way. He is very intelligent but doesn’t always see the value is doing all the homework or studying and basically feels if he knows the material, why does he have to continually prove it? This is where he is like his daddy the most. And it frustrates his daddy more than anyone because his daddy knows the value!! He is starting to come around and it will get much better over time. G is also like his daddy in his orneriness. His charm will kill you and then all of the sudden, he says or does something that makes you smile, whether you want to or not. He will do things that will make you want to smack him but it was just so funny, you can’t help but laugh. G’s sarcastic remarks and wittiness just add to him. He’s a fun guy.

Watching G grow up has been fun and I wouldn’t trade one thing about him. Now, 1 day after his 15th birthday, I sit here and think, there’s not a ton of time left before G heads to a new chapter of his life. G has hopes and dreams and we won’t get in his way. We want to support his hopes and dreams. We want him to remain grounded in who he is and his walk with God. We want him to continue praying with and for his friends. We want him to continue growing closer to God and keep his path clear of distractions. We only want the best for you G! Your mother and I love you so much and love that God gave us you to be your heavenly parents. Keep your head grounded, your eyes and heart towards God and continue your journey. Don’t let anyone put a damper on who you are or let anyone tell you your hopes and dreams aren’t reachable. You can do anything you set your mind to and in the end, you will be right where you are supposed to be. You are an amazing young man and we are honored to be your parents!! Keep up the great work on this journey and know we are always here. We love you buddy!!

Mom and Dad

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