Life’s Winter


With one word, I scared many of you. With one word, I made you think of cold days, snowy weather and cabin fever. With one word, I may have made your heart stop or at the very least skip a beat.

I know, fatman weather is why each of you probably what you feel I like post will be about but hang with me and let me tell you why I love winter! If I’m being honest, winter hurts at times. The cold wind, the snowy days, the sleet pounding so bad against your face it hurts. Winter hurts at times. But winter is also the time in the natural cycle of life where we should be able to grow the most and we don’t even realize it because at times, winter is just cold and harsh.

Even though winter can hurt, winter doesn’t scare me, it energizes me. Being in the lawn and garden industry for so many years, I fully understand why living in a place where winter actually occurs is part of the natural way of keeping things healthy. During winter, plants either die back to the ground, they fully defoliate or they thrive. I’m not talking about annuals here because they aren’t made to survive all seasons. Plants that are perennials, need winter to get their energy back for next year’s growth and bloom. If they aren’t allowed to do this, then they run the risk of not having the root energy needed for next year’s growth and blooms and eventually, over time, becoming less and less healthy to the point of death. Deciduous trees, ones who drop their leaves in the winter, also need the winter to gain the strength in their root system to thrive next year. While the trees have their fall, insects that survive inside the sap of the trees move up and down with the sap and this is a great time to treat these trees for these boring insects as well. Evergreen plants, they need the winter to put on their growth. They thrive during the cold months and have to have to the cold to have their best chance at survival during the summer. Along with pruning and the natural fall that occurs, winter is also the time where pruning can be done with little to no damage to the plants. During the winter months, people clean out their landscapes and get a chance to clean up their landscapes for a healthier overall landscape. 

Just like plants, our lives need a winter for many reasons. This is the time of the year, especially this year, where winter has been in full force for me personally. I’m pruning bad habits out of my life to make me a healthier overall individual. This winter, I’m attempting to pour into my roots by letting the things I have harbored for too long wither and die. This has been particularly hard but like I said, winter isn’t easy. I’m using this winter to become a better me, not a different me. I hope the work I am doing and will continue to do will show in my every day life, especially to my family. Although change is hard, I’m thankful for the changes this winter has brought about so far in our family. I’m moving forward, no matter what challenges are in front of me. I’m not going to let a cold wind, a snow storm or any other of what winter brings me, tear me or my family down. I will use this winter to make me stronger, therefore, making everyone around me stronger, especially my wife and kids.

You see, winter can be scary. It can be cold and harsh but we can’t truly get a beautiful spring without winter. In order for each of us to bloom the best we can when spring hits and to thrive through the hot summer months, we must face winter. We must embrace it, learn from it and grow in this season. If you’re going through winter right now, know it’s only a season and embrace the challenge because if you’re like me, you’ll be thankful for the beautiful spring changes and the new blooms you produce during the spring. I hope each of you find a little solace this winter and dig a bit in the cold dirt because when we begin to allow the correct pruning to be done and we watch the things of our past that held us back wither away, then we can truly grow!!  


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