The New Season

It’s August 13, 2018 and it’s 17 days away from a new football season officially kicking off. On the night of August 30, 2018, kickoff officially happens in our house. On that night, our favorite teams, the Amarillo Sandies and the Texas A&M Aggies both kickoff their new seasons and I for one am overly excited! There have been lots of changes to both of these teams as both welcome in new coaching staffs for the upcoming season. I’m sure both of these teams are as excited as their fans to get the new season started. It should be an interesting year for both teams and their fans for sure!

The reason I’m excited is not just for the new coaches. As far back as I can remember, the beginning of a new football season has been important and celebrated. It’s a time when some have left either due to graduation or moving to the next level and the ones who remain have worked all offseason to get ready for the new season. It’s a start over and everyone starts at the same place. The beginning of a new season is certainly exciting but it’s also a bit scary as well. The unknown of each opponent, not knowing if injuries will occur and as with the Sandies and Aggies, learning a whole new process is just hard for the teams. It’s easy for fans to say they are ready for the season because they are not there every day and just get a small glimpse into the team’s progress through listening to the coaches and players during their media times. But in the end, it’s the entire team who has to be ready for the season to be successful. 

As exciting as these new seasons can be, there are sometimes when they are downright hard to get through. As with the Sandies and Aggies, we are starting a new season in our house as well. On August 21, 2018, we start a new season with our family. The current season we’ve been in for the past 5 years is coming to a close. Our family has seen quite a few changes over the past five years and we’ve had to rearrange our game plan very often. Just like any good plan you put in place, once you get going, audibles have to be called. Each time we called an audible, we grew. It was hard but we dealt with each situation the best we could. We grew our family by one member forever and we saw the passing of my dad during this season. I’ve had to learn how to deal with both major life changes in my own way and although it’s been a struggle at times, I know I have grown more than I could have imagined. In this season, we have been able to meet new people who have helped us through prayer, love and support during this season and they have become family to our family. We have thought about giving up and throwing in the towel during this season but we knew we couldn’t do it. We knew this season, like every season, would eventually end and we would start a new season.

In a week, we will be as ready as we can be for our new season. It’s not going to be easy and it was not a season we could have imagined ever entering. This season has not been easy to prepare for because unlike in sports, we don’t get an offseason in life to prepare for the new season. We often don’t know a new season is going to begin but we did know this was coming. This new season was our choice, not a forced changed. It was easy to see we needed a new season but it was gut wrenching to make the decision to jump into this new season. We knew we needed this new season but it was still hard and we’ve done what we can to prepare our minds and hearts for this new season but until it hits us in the face, we really don’t know what to expect.

This new season in our home will be hard in the beginning. Yes, there will be relief to get started with the season but there will be second guessing and wondering every day for a while. Until we see the growth from this new season, I’m sure we will wonder if we’ve made the right decision. We feel today we have made the right decision and we believe God has readied us for this new season but our human side kicks in and that’s when the second guessing begins. As with every new season, I’d like to know how it will end but if I knew, I wouldn’t grow. So I’m thankful for the not knowing, no matter how hard this will be for our family.

This new season will see our youngest leave our home and go to Boys Ranch for now. This is not the result of bad behavior or us not loving her but because we believe Boys Ranch can and will help her get over her past so she can grow into the beautiful woman we know she will be one day! She has the sweetest heart and would do anything for anyone but her past hurts hold her back and won’t allow her to become her best self. We’ve done what we can to help her in our home and now, it’s time for her to join a new team for a season. Our team isn’t equipped as well as her new team will be and they will help her and us. I look forward to meeting her new team and seeing the game plan they put in place to help her grow. I’m excited for her to get to do new things and be provided with things we could never provide her. There will be fishing, horseback riding, working on the ranch and many new things we just can’t provide. There will be learning at their schools and she will be able to play sports there. Although she will have a new team with new coaches, we will still play a huge role in her life. We will still be her mom and dad and our other 2 kids will still be her brother and sister. We will have time with her with her new team. There will be times she gets to call a timeout and come home for a few days. We will be in constant contact with her and her new coaches and their assistants implementing her new game plan and will be able to help call audibles if needed. Her new team is excited for her future and so are we.

Selfishly, we don’t want this new season to happen. She is a HUGE member of our family but we are afraid she won’t be in the future if she doesn’t get the help needed by her new team. Packing her things this week will be surreal and something we never could have imagined was going to happen 5 years ago when we entered that season. As with every new season, there’s hope for this season to be our best. There will be pain because we can’t grow without pain. There will be hurts we all have creep up in us from our past but this season isn’t about the past hurts, it’s about getting over our past hurts and leaving them behind forever so we can all grow. This new season will be very strange for us and honestly, we weren’t expecting something like this at this time in our lives. But this season is here and we are going to face it the best we can and grow.

We thank each of you for your prayers, patience and love shown during this past season. We ask you to pray for each of us during our new season. It won’t be easy but in time, it will get easier and I know each of us will all heal and grow in our own ways and that’s really all we want from this new season.


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