A Place to Rest

It’s been two months since I last wrote about our house. Due to many things getting in the way, I just didn’t have the time or energy needed to proceed until now. I feel more refreshed than I have in a while and it’s a great feeling! With that said, welcome back to our home.

When I last shared, I wrote about Christy’s living space. It was just off the front entry and today, I will walk you down the hall just off the other side of the entry. Down this hall you will find many pictures of our family. We have pictures of the kids, us and our lives. We have also placed a couple of things given to us to remind us of our family. There are words written on a canvas about adoption. This helps remind us that not only is one of our kids adopted into our family but we are all adopted into God’s family. Adoption is near and dear to our hearts. Not only do we have an adopted child but anyone who steps foot in our home becomes adopted family as well. We love doing life with so many people and are blessed to have been called to adopt so many friends into our family!

As you go down the hall, you will come to four bedrooms and a bathroom. Our rooms are our spaces. The kids are expected to keep their rooms clean, beds made and can’t keep electronics in their rooms. These rooms are however, are them in every sense. They have been decorated with them in mind and with their help. Our oldest has changed her room over the years and has pictures of her life in her room of where she is in life right now. There are pictures of her boyfriend and her, her best friends, her siblings and us. There are usually shoes laying around her bed and this drives her mother crazy! But to me, it’s her way of saying, it’s my space. If that’s the worst thing we have to deal with, then I’m okay with it. Our boy’s room has just been redone and it’s him 100%. It has a vintage dresser in it with a record player on top. He has records in his room and he has a rock wall with a loft. It’s his place where he can just check out from the day’s stresses. Our youngest child’s room is often a mess. Her room is completely like her. There can be a mess, things out of place but then all of the sudden, it can be clean and tidy, just like she can go from being a mess to a doll in a matter of minutes. It’s trying but she’s ours! She has a desk in her room and is still learning how to live in a place of her own. She has come a long way but just like the rest of us, she has a way to go. As you go into our room, it’s not your typical master size in any sense. The room comfortably fits what we need in there. It’s a great place where we can lay our heads at night and that’s all we need. But most importantly, our master represents sacrifice to me. One of the main things on our list when we were looking for a new house was a large master suite with a very large bathroom. We went the total opposite because the rest of this house is perfect for where we as a family are now. We gave up our desires of a large master suite to gain family space and many spaces to entertain any size of party.

The rooms are intended to be a reflection of each of us but also a place to relax and be able to get away from the stresses of life. We don’t allow electronics in the kids rooms at night because we want them to unplug. To not worry about what that notification was and to not to be tempted to do things they aren’t supposed to be doing. We want each room to be comfortable for them and nobody else. They need to feel a peace when the enter the room, which is why we want them to stay clean. The rooms aren’t for others; only for them. It’s their place. It’s the place they will learn to keep in a proper manner so when they do leave our home, they will feel comfortable in knowing how to handle their own place. These rooms have an importance in making our house a home because it’s where we can get refreshed, relax and get out of the stresses of each day!

Next week we will walk back down the hall and into one of our favorites rooms! Have a blessed week!

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