Her Living Space

As you enter our house and take a few steps into the entry way, you come to a space just off to the right. This has been called many things but honestly, it’s Christy’s living space. The room has 2 doors, 2 chairs, 1 ottoman, a couch, piano and is decorated beautifully. I call this Christy’s space because it essence, it is truly her space.

We purchased the furniture for this room after we moved into this house. The people who had the house before us used this space as a formal dining space. It was very effective in that manner but Christy wanted a place where her and her friends could chill with some wine and enjoy no TV or kids. So, we created this space for her.

The windows in the room face the front yard so there’s a ton of natural light that comes in the room. There is a piano that has been Christy’s since she was a little girl. That piano has moved many times and has become an instrument each of our kids have played over the years. This piano is a perfect fit in this room.

This space in our house is a warm, inviting place where people can be honest. It’s the place where the kids can ask Mom to help with the piano and a place where anyone can just sit, think or read quietly. This place is where the ladies can sit back with a glass of wine and talk about everything that comes to their minds. It’s a place with no TV so unless there’s piano being played, it’s really quiet.

As I look at this room and really ponder it’s importance in making our house a home, I can’t help but think how perfect this room is Christy. It’s brilliantly beautiful and not overly flashy. It has a pure beauty, not one that has to be created. Thanks Christy for all you do for our family! Love you!

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