The Front – More than Curb Appeal

As you pull up to our house during late spring and throughout the summer and well into the fall, you’ll see a lot going on usually. There’s a high chance the garage door will be open and kids will be playing somewhere. The driveway gets turned from a place to park our cars into a place to play basketball, ride rip sticks, a parking lot for bikes and many other things that has nothing to do with me. There’s also a chance you see a few adults sitting in their lawn chairs enjoying conversation while watching the kids play.

As you walk up the driveway toward the porch, you’ll notice the flowerbeds blooming with all kinds of color. There are red knockout roses that bloom from late spring until the first freeze. They are gorgeous and have grown over the years into very beautiful bushes. There are also yellow day lilies blooming to give us some other color in the front bed. In the beds just off to the left side of the walkway we have the knockout roses along with some ornamental grasses and blue salvia. The dark blue blooms almost get hidden in the foliage when the shade hits but when the sun hits them, you can see the blooms and they are gorgeous!

The yard is generally green and we attempt to keep it a nice height to help keep it healthy and weed free. We try our best to keep the yard looking as good as possible but there are times it’s almost impossible with the amount of traffic the yard gets. At any given time there could be a kick ball game, a baseball game, a football game or tag being played. And many times we have come home to find the neighborhood playing in our yard without our kids. And you know what, that’s okay. Our yard is there to be played on by anyone who wants as long as they are respecting our house!

As you walk on to the front porch, you’ll notice many pots of plants. We really like to have an inviting front porch and the coleus in the urn pots as you come up the walkway perfectly frame in our double front doors. To the left on the porch are 2 rocking chairs for anyone to sit in while they watch kids or simply just want to visit about the day. In far corner are 3 pots we’ve had for many years. They’ve actually been to each of our houses with us. They have survived many moves and are still some of our favorite pots. During the summer, because of how much shade we get in that area, we plant inpatients. They grow all summer and by the end of the fall, they have turned into large bushes and become the focal point of our porch. On the other side of the front doors, we have a bay window that allows our front room the light necessary to make it the perfect place to relax.

The front of our house is meant to be more than curb appeal. It’s meant to be inviting and a place where fun can happen. We want anyone who comes to our house to feel welcome from the second they pull up. With the kids playing out front and the adults talking about their lives, the front of our house is extremely important. It’s the first part of our house people will see and it’s also the last as they leave. It’s the place where friendships have been started by people of all ages and where great ideas on what to do next have been planned. It’s the place where, after a hard day’s work, I can shoot hoops with the kids and visit with them while shooting hoops. The yard is a place I can throw a baseball or football with the kids and not have to worry about getting into trouble for throwing in the house! The front of the house is the place we can sit and enjoy the beauty of the day no matter the weather!

Our hope is to always have an inviting front so when front door opens into the entry, you’ll know you are welcome. The front of our house says, “Come on in and enjoy your visit.”

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