Letting Go!

Well, it’s here. Another year has been passed and if you’re reading this, you made it through! As we end 2013 and look forward to 2014, I have a few thoughts. It seems 2014 is to be the year of letting go. With this in mind, I write the following.

What are you holding onto so tight or just barely that you need to let go of in order to grow? By holding on to certain things, we are holding ourselves back. It might be hurting us spiritually, emotionally or physically. I know for a fact I have had troubles of letting things go but look forward to the day when I can fully say, I have let go of (fill in the blank). 

Many of us are holding on to relationships that aren’t healthy, addictions that are killing us slowly, memories that are just that and many more things. I know it’s hard to let go and move on but we must. In order to move past our negative and unhealthy lifestyle and moving toward a more positive and healthy lifestyle that will help not only us but everyone we come in contact with in our lives. It’s time to let go. To take the past hurts, addictions and relationships for what they have taught us and put our learning to use for the better good. It’s not easy but it’s a must. 

In 2014, I hope you let go of what is hurting you and only hold on to what helps you and your family grow. It may mean some awkward moments at times but it’s something you must do. No matter what it is you feel you need to let go of, if it’s holding you back, you must let go! I look forward to 2014 and seeing how much my family and I grow over the next year. I hope the same for each of you! 

Happy New Year!