Remodeling. A word I don’t like to hear. It usually means work, use of all resources and it always costs us  time, money and ourselves. Remodeling a house is needed from time to time. Whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, living room or the entire house at one time, it’s never easy and we always feel a bit displaced from normal life. But, when it’s done, it’s completely worth it and we are so grateful we did the remodel. 

As in everyone’s life, Christy and I have done some remodeling to each of our houses we’ve ever live in. We’ve done some on our own account and some due to outside issues. We’ve worked on some of them on our own and hired out other things when we were either too overwhelmed or not skilled enough to fix what needed to be fixed. During our remodels, we’ve learned with each one. What to do, not to do and who to call when a need arises. We’ve also learned about placing higher priority on certain things and lower priorities on other things. We’ve learned building a wall in the wrong place is hard to fix and even harder when we, or I should say I, am too hard headed to realize the issue until it arises.

Remodeling takes time, energy and vision. You have to be able to see what you want before demolition. You have to be able to strip away what you need to, sometimes down to the bare foundation, to see the issues that truly need to be fixed. This takes time and patience. It’s hard but like I said in the long run, it’s worth the remodel.

Just as in our houses, we have to remodel ourselves and our relationships from time to time. We have to realize there are times in life that we need a remodel with the ones we love the most. It can be a spouse, sibling, parent or close friend. The closer you are to the person, the harder this remodel can be. We must have the vision to see we need a remodel and where exactly we want to end up in the end.

We all need to have some remodeling in our hearts in order to continue our growth with each other. Just like a house, our hearts get hurt, torn, crushed and it needs to be repaired. In order to do this, we must take the time for a remodel. Yes, it takes time and sacrifice. Sometimes you have to strip away to the bare foundation to truly find out what the issues are. This can be painful for you and others but it may be necessary. It takes more than you. It, at times, takes seeking other’s help to help you get to the issues but it always takes you to make the decision to remodel. The remodel doesn’t have a set time. It could be simple, like a fresh coat of paint or it could be a full house (heart) remodel.

Recently, I’ve gone through both types of remodel. One on the house and one on the heart. While the house remodel seems to be coming to an end, the heart remodel continues. It’s been hard, heartbreaking, gut wrenching but great all at the same time. It’s provided for growth and forced me to sacrifice some things in order to gain better relationships. It’ taken energy, loss of sleep, personal changes and a vision 

Our hearts need to be remodeled so we can strip away the pains, let go of the hurts and let some fresh things in for once. I don’t want to build walls around my heart like I’ve done in the past to keep people out, especially the ones I love the most.

I’m glad for the remodel of my heart and I pray if you need a remodel, you look deep down and see what to strip away and what to change before you go any further. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and for being grateful for the remodel in the very near future! 

With love!!


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