Less of Me

Over time, we all struggle with something. Weight gain or loss, spirituality, the loss of someone close to us, selfishness, pride and many other things. The list can go on forever and for me lately, I’ve struggled with many things and have not dealt with them in the most healthy ways.

I’ve locked people out at times, including my wife and kids, I’ve been extremely selfish and struggled with who I am. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on these things. I’ve visited with Christy, my mentor and close friends about my attitudes and actions. What I’ve gained from it, is that I need less of me so I can be more for others. I need to leave the selfishness behind and allow others into my heart without fear of being hurt. I need to trust those closest to me and not let my mind get jumbled with my thoughts. I need to spend more productive time while at work and less time working when I should be having fun! I need less hours in the day to get the rest I desperately need. My wife and kids, need to see less of my physically so they can get more years with me.

The way is see it, is it’s okay to be less as long as you become more from being less. I don’t mind losing certain things to gain a better relationship with my wife, kids, other family members and friends.

If I can become less, I will become more. I challenge you to do the same. Where in your life do you need to become less to gain more? 

I love each of you!


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