Summer 2010

Well, it’s over. Summer 2010 has come and gone and it absolutely flew right by us. We were so blessed to have a very busy summer and it was a summer to remember.

Our summer started by us staying home in June, which is never normal for us. June was busy between an undefeated volleyball season for Elisabeth and the Super Stars and a very tough but fun season of baseball for Garrett. The kids absolutely loved playing their sports this summer and the parents absolutely loved watching; expect the baseball game where the temp was a cool 103. June also brought a change in our family forever. We moved into a new house at the end of the month and getting settled has taken the entire summer.

As June ended, we were ready for some relaxation and we got it. We spent a week on a South Texas tour with the kids. This included a trip to New Braunfels, which we were blessed to stay with the Duran family. We met them on a cruise in January and our daughters fell into a great friendship. We were able to go to Schlitterbahn, hang out with the Durans and see all New Braunfels and the area had to offer.

From there, we took off for San Antonio and spent 2 wonderful days there. The Riverwalk was great and we were able to see the Alamo and teach the kids a bit about Texas history. After San Antonio, we decided to take the kids to Austin and see the Capital. There we met up with an old friend, Andrea, who gave us a tour and it was great just catching up with someone from the past! We were also blessed to stay with the Menell’s and getting to catch up with Angie and get to know Bryan was great!

After spending one day in Austin, I couldn’t resist, I had to take the kids to College Station! It was there we realized our daughter, who is 8, will be going off to college in a very short 10 years. And according to her, she wants to go to Texas A&M after our visit! It’s makes me proud to be raising such a great girl!! Gig ‘Em!

We finished our South Texas tour with a day in Irving with family and it was back to reality but not for long. About a week after we got home, Christy and I jumped on a plane back to Austin for some Club Z! meetings and for our 15th anniversary!

After coming back home, we had one more trip to take and it was our annual work trip I have to take every year. This year it was in Colorado Springs. We were so ready for the mountains and much more ready for some cool weather! And cool weather is what we got! We were able to take the train up to Pikes Peak and yes, we saw a bit of snow up there! After 6 days in lovely Colorado, it was time to come back home and get ready for school.

As August arrived, I was busy at work again, Christy’s phone started ringing for Club Z! clients to get started again and the kids, well, they were ready for some time apart. We were able to pack in a few play dates during August but mostly, we were focused on settling the house and getting back into the swing of things!

We had a blessed summer and are now ready for the fall. It’s time to get back into the swing of life with hectic schedules but this year, it won’t be as bad as normal with Christy not teaching. We hope everyone had a great summer and we pray for you as fall comes. Enjoy your last few moments of summer because every moment has been enjoyed by the Amason’s!

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