More than an Uncle

Over the past week, I’ve had a chance to sit and think about someone who’s really been on my heart. His name is Wayne Rivers, better known as Uncle Wayne to me. I have cried, laughed, pondered but mostly just thought about the great times we had with him and what he means to our family.

Uncle Wayne has always been larger than life to me, well, mainly because he’s a rather large man. But one thing that’s always been great to see is that while he is a large man, his heart has always surpassed his frame in size. I’ve remembered back this week to family reunions at Thompson Park, birthdays, times at lake Fryre, Thanksgiving and Christmas. To me, Uncle Wayne has been more than an uncle.

From as far back as I remember, Uncle Wayne has been the guy who has given me a hard time about stuff but always said he loved me when I left. He’s always been the loud, large uncle who may have yelled at me for doing wrong but the first to give me a hug after explaining to me why he was so upset. Uncle Wayne was the first to give each of my kids a taste of coke and you know what, I didn’t mind because it was his way of showing the kids they could come to him for what we wouldn’t give them. He’s the type of family member you wish everyone had and then when I sit and think, he’s my uncle, you thank God for him.

As much as he means to me as an uncle, he’s always been much more than an uncle. He’s a son, brother, husband, father, grandad, uncle, friend and just full of God’s love for everyone to see. God has definitely used you Uncle Wayne and our family is so much better off for it. Upon the death of Grandad, you filled in so gracefully as the patriarch and you have done an amazing job in Grandad’s shoes.

You and Aunt Eveline together raised 3 amazing children and poured your love and knowledge into 7 amazing grandkids. You have touched so many’s hearts in our family and in this community. Our family and community will be forever touched with your generosity and love.

We will never have another Uncle who will give the “Wayne Balance Test” to our kids when they are just a few months old. Your time on earth may be short now but your memory will last forever. You have done the job God had for you and from my point of view, you did it well. Thanks for everything and know you are loved and your memory will live on in our hearts and minds. I love you Uncle Wayne!

Love you all!!


  1. Tammy Gonzales · June 22, 2009

    Wayne is a man with a big heart and has been like a father figure to me when I needed one. I’ve always known that he and Eveline were there for me should I ever need them. He was there for me when I went through my divorce and stood beside me when I needed guidance that I didn’t realize I needed. The whole “Rivers” family has always been my extended family. Each and every one of the sister, brother, kids, nieces and nephews have opened their hearts to me and treated me like family. I have been so very blessed by all of the “Rivers” love and will miss the man that I referred to many times as my other “DAD”. Those that have been blessed enough to know Wayne and Eveline’s love know how it has changed their lives and will always remember it.

    God Bless and keep each of you in the days to come.

    With all my love!

  2. Rodney · June 22, 2009

    Very touching Dennis, you are very correct about everything and I to will miss him very much. He was the first person that introduced me to roller coasters, to this day I love them. He also tried to teach me to water ski but I was not very good but he had patience and tried. The days that will stand out in my mind forever will be the days he gave all of my children the “Wayne Balance Test”. I will miss you Uncle Wayne and I love you so much. Thank you God for letting me have the time I did with him.

  3. Jenna · June 24, 2009

    Pretty nice post. I just found your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked browsing your posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Dennis Amason · June 24, 2009

    Hey Jenna, thanks. I am working on some new stuff but mainly, another short story like I did with The Journey back in March. Do you also have a blog? I’d like to read it if you do.

  5. Loved your latest post, by the way.

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