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Over the past few months, many people have asked me my thoughts on God, prayer in school, politics the middle east, the pledge and many other things. Well, here are a few thoughts. If you don’t agree good, it’s America and you don’t have to.

I am not a perfect person but I am a saved child of God and I love the fact that I have been forgiven, even though I don’t deserve it. But that does not give me the right to shove anything down anyone’s throat if they don’t want it. The Bible strictly states that we are to be sowers of seeds. We are not to tend to the garden, the people we share Jesus with, in any way. We are to sow the seeds and prepare for rain. Only God can call a person to Him and only He can transform a life if we accept Him. If we do anything else, we risk turning that person away from God for eternity. That’s not something I want on me when I am judged by God himself in eternity.

I do believe in the fact that the Constitution does grant the seperation of church and state but nowhere does it say we have to have a Godless government. I do not like the idea that prayer was removed from school the way it was but you know, the way I see it is that only we can totally remove prayer from the school. Nobody can stop us from praying for our children and teachers in school. I think it should be fine for a teacher to pray with their kids without any fear, if asked. I know you are supposed to be able to but trust me, lawyers have made this very uncomfortable for teachers to practice. The school should have no say in any religion but I believe both creation and evolution should be taught for the sake of teaching ALL ideas. Remember, creation takes in account for ANY God people believe in, it’s not just a Christian teaching.

As far as the pledge goes, I don’t care. Take Under God out, leave it in. It doesn’t matter to me. The way I see it is I don’t have to pledge to God anything while staring at a flag, I’ve already pledged my life to Him. I respect the flag and think it should be saluted in an honorable way but I will NEVER put a flag above God.

I don’t know what the future holds for America but I can tell by Biblical reading, it’s going to get interesting. We are not mentioned in Revelation so that tells me something right there. I do believe that there will be an Anti-Christ but I can tell you there’s no way it’s Obama. Obama is nothing more than a politician and I don’t like politicians. I thought John F. Kennedy and Ronald Regan were as good as it gets in the past 50 years and Lincoln was probably the best we ever had. But none of them are God.

I also believe the government can’t fix the economy. Only Americans working together for the greater good can do that. It happened once in America and if we would just allow ourselves to succeed, we could. We can’t buy our way out of the mess we put ourselves in and I don’t think the government has or will ever give me a job or fire me from one. And yes, this includes the President. One man can’t fix everything but he/she can get enough Americans thinking in the right direction to get this place fixed. The middle east, as stated in the Bible, won’t see peace whlie I am alive on earth but I know we have to be on the side of Isreal. But I know at some point we won’t be.

All I want to do is love God with all my heart and share what He as done for me. I will follow the laws of the USA because the Bible says to follow the laws of the land, that’s reverence unto God. I will pay my taxes, as I believe churches, businesses and people should do, becasue the Bible says to. I will respect the office of the President of the United States of America because damn it, it’s right. The office should be respected but the President should not be thought of as a Savior but as a man who is going to make mistakes as we all do. I do not have to agree with every decision made nor do I have to sit and gripe about it either. I have been given a brian and the ability to share what I believe without bashing others or showing disrespect to anyone. I think before talking, I research before stating and I stand on my beliefs. Something I wish more people did. But oh well. 

May God bless you and your family. And please remember that sharing God’s love isn’t shoving it down people’s throat, it’s living it out daily.

I love you all!!


  1. John · January 30, 2009

    Well said…..

  2. Bridget · March 29, 2009

    I love your way of thinking!!! Great minds think alike.

  3. NubisPertusus · October 21, 2009

    You said: “I do believe in the fact that the Constitution does grant the seperation of church and state but nowhere does it say we have to have a Godless government.”

    That’s nonsense for the reasons articulated by at least two federal circuit judges whose key quotation is on my blog, The First Amendment says congress may not establish a national religion. Anytime congress recognizes “God” they are establishing the broad religion of Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheism. Many American citizens worship “The Goddess”, not “God”. Some are Taoists, who do not think in terms of gods and goddesses at all. The list of non-God faiths in this country is long and diverse. Congress is not supposed to establish a preference for your version of truth, any more than it may choose, for example, some sun worshippers’ version. James Madison articulated the secular nature of the government very clearly in the Federalist Papers. All power by the government is derived solely from the PEOPLE, not the Judeo-Christian-Islamic deity some call “God”.

  4. Dennis Amason · October 21, 2009

    So quick question I hope you can answer NubisPertusus. How is it that you propose keeping God out of our government if the very people in the government believe in God? Doesn’t that defeat your idea that we are to have a godless government? God lives within us and if we truly believe is His Word, it will guide the decisions we make. What, are you thinking we should only have non God believing people writing, interpreting and enforcing the laws? Wouldn’t that invalidate the Constitution? I think our founding fathers would be sad to see how we have perverted their writings from so long ago to fit it into what we want them to be, instead of taking them in their original context.

  5. NubisPertusus · October 21, 2009

    Dennis, I guess we should define “godless government”. There is a big difference between the religious beliefs of individual politicians and the actual content of the acts, rules, and regulations that they pass.

    Obviously, anyone with genuine religious faith brings that faith to every moment and experience of their lives. That includes politicians. So (((of course))) the folks we send to washington will be influenced by their religious beliefs. If their alleged faith is genuine, how could they not be? But that is on the individual level. Sort of like the glasses thru which they might view proposed legislation. It is not about the actual content of that legislation. In this sense, government can be just as godly as the politicians who make up the government.

    When they actually exercise their power, however, the CONTENT of their laws, rules, and regulations must be neutral to all religions. In that sense, government must be godless.

    Does that help?

    That said, the First Amendment specifically bars government from establishing a national religion. When congress put “under God” in the pledge, congress was established a preference for the religions of Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheism.

  6. Dennis Amason · October 21, 2009

    I think you’d be surprised to know that we actually agree more than we disagree on this issue. I am glad you clarified your first comments because at first I thought you were going to go as far as say that even the politicians should leave their faith, or lack there of, out of their decisions. I do believe man can make laws that in content don’t make any preference to religion. But the laws overall, come from their beliefs of what is right or wrong from their religion or their moral beliefs so at times I think it’s hard to get a bill that is totally moral or religious free, no matter on what side they fall.

    I think you’d like to hear that I am no fan of the Republican party trying to shove the gay marriage ban amendment down our throat. That is not something that can be or should be regulated. If that amendment is there, what’s to stop the government from banning all marriage. I don’t think gay marriage is right but I do believe it’s between a person and their god or whatever they believe. I also don’t like smoking bans, drinking bans, eating bans or anything else that bans our rights. If they start somewhere, they have shown us over the years they won’t stop until we are robots of the government and their beliefs.

    I think our government over the years has tried and succeeded to make laws that actually hold our country back whether they make reference to religion or not. But I do know one thing, all laws of the land, no matter what land, are based on the main religion of the country. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddahist, or any other religion. Generally, they are the same laws because we all know there are certain things that just aren’t right. Such as murder and stealing.

    I can go on and on, but I won’t. Do know that I respect your thoughts and encourage you to read more of my blog and get a feel of who I am. There are thoughts about everything and while you might not agree with me, I hope you get to know more of who I am and what makes me go. I have short stories and and other stuff too. Be blessed in all you do and good luck with everything you do!

  7. NubisPertusus · October 22, 2009

    This was an especially nice thought you said: “[A]ll laws of the land, no matter what land, are based on the main religion of the country. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddahist, or any other religion…”

    Indeed! That’s the whole idea of the a representative democratic republic.

    Thanks for the conversation

  8. Dennis Amason · October 22, 2009

    Thanks for the conversation too. I look to enjoy more conversations like this one in the near future. And one more thing. I think people forget we are a Republic. We are not a kingship, dictatorship nor a theocracy. We are a Republic and even our elected leaders need to be reminded of this. If you ask me, it’s time to clean out the cat house and get some new people in there!! Maybe, just maybe, then they would listen to the heartbeat of this country. People like you and me. The taxpayer. Have a great day!

  9. nubispertusus · October 22, 2009

    Generally I am restricting my current writing to issues of religious liberty. However, I thought I’d mention what came to mind when you said “it’s time to clean out the cat house and get some new people in there!!” Everyone the slightest politically minded thinks that once in awhile, and author Tom Clancy came up with a ghastly plot twist in one book that produced this result. Nevermind the awful thing that happened that killed the president, congress, supreme court, and most of the other ranking members of the government. Clancy’s hero Jack Ryan survived and since he had been made VP only moments before he instantly became president but with no government. Voila! The very idea you expressed and the power to make it come true is in Ryan’s hands. One of Ryan’s mantras in the next book was that he would rebuild government with non-insiders, which he largely did. The interesting lesson in that story was set forth in a conversation between President Ryan and his chief of staff Arnie Van Damm. Essentially, once us ordinary folk go to Washington most of us become insiders. Power corrupts after all. Therefore, it is up to ordinary folk to just plug away daily, doing seemingly insignificant things, else the ideals of the Founders will be lost due to cable TV induced brainrot.

    Have fun,
    Nubis Pertusus
    “Nearly everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is vitally important that you do it.” – MK Gandhi

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