Touching a Life

Success. It has many definitions but what is it to you? I heard a sermon yesterday someone gave me to listen to. She said it impacted her so amazingly that she wanted to share it with me. During this sermon the preacher talked about many things but part that stuck out to me the most is this. He was talking about the true meaning of success.

Status or size usually equals success in most people’s eyes but what does it mean to be significant? According to the preacher, in order to be significant, you must touch at least one person’s life for the better. And this is something I believe is correct. This shows to everyone that we do care and we are willing to walk with that person through the good and the bad. In order to touch a life, we must be willing to take the burdens of others and place them on our shoulders to help relieve the pain they are having. We must be ready to get into the foxhole with them at their darkest hour and cry, listen, pray and love them. We can’t cast them aside because we don’t agree with them. We must know they will be there for us in our good and bad times. We should rejoice with them when times are good. We must be able to be happy for them when we are sad. And we must be able to share with them the victories in our lives. We must also be ready to give and receive advice. It will come so be ready. And lastly, we must love this person no matter what. We can’t show them anything but love if we want to truly touch each others life. And if we can do all of these things for one person, we must be willing to do them for anyone God puts in our life.

It’s not your status that will be remembered when you leave this place, it’s about the lives you touch. I write this with many people on my mind and in my heart.  I hope I have not torn down a life with my words or actions but I know I most likely have. I only hope that I have touched at least one life in the world so I too can have a life worth remembering like so many who have touched my life.

I love you all!!

One comment

  1. Mike O' · December 31, 2008

    So, is life a big scale? A big balance? If we touch enough people’s lives for the good then we’re a good person? What about the lives we touch for the negative, even if that negative influence was not intended?

    Sorry to disagree with you, but life is not about touching peoples’ lives. Life is about glorifying and honoring Jesus Christ. Through that commitment we “might” touch others lives in His Service, but it’s not about us. When push comes to shove nothing we say, do, or feel will get us one step closer to the only person who counts; Jesus Christ.

    I’m all for reaching out to others through the love of Christ, but in all honesty, loving others is not easy. In fact, most people are unloveable except through the grace and hope of Christ.

    Advice? Don’t take your covenant relationships lightly. Don’t make vows you do not intend on keeping, and don’t set yourself up as someone who is good when there are a lot of measuring sticks to the definition of good. Anytime someone attempts to tell you thanks, or I couldn’t have done it without you, or “you are the wind beneath my wings”, etc. You should take that opportunity to point to the Man who paid the price and give Him the credit.

    Technically when you leave this life you only need to be remembered for one thing, that you were a firm believer in Christ Jesus and you gave Him ALL the glory and honor.

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