One Year Later

It was December 13, 2007 and I had no idea what I was doing. Baseball’s Mitchell report had just been released and I was so focused on the report that I forgot I was leaving town that afternoon with some people from our college group (the Group) to go to Glorietta, NM for a conference. As the time passed, first Travis and Lindsey showed up, then Shaina and Nick  and lastly, Colt. We all piled into Christy’s van and started the drive to Glorietta.

It had been going through my mind all week. Get out of this trip and stay home. But for some reason, God wanted me to go. I had no real desire to go except maybe to get away and I was puzzled as to why God was telling me to go.

We made the drive and during the next 48 hours or so, we found out about each other. What we liked and what we didn’t like about each other. We found out that Travis makes amazing cookies, Colt likes to kill things, Nick and Shaina love each other no matter what, that Lindsey can sleep anywhere and at any time and that I like to talk until all hours of the night, morning or whenever. And this poor group found out way too much about me. 

But what none of us ever expected was the year we have had since then. Yes, we have had our issues within the group, as all groups do but it’s still a very strong group. We have gained so many people in the past year like Creed, Jessica, Sam, Matt, Wyatt, Alyssa, Dan, Tyler, Tony, Tamara, Nathan (both of you), Staci, Adam, Aaron, Sara Tara, Jasmine, Regina and Johnny. These people have brought joy, love and wisdom to the group.

Christy and I have been so blessed by each of the people in the group this past year. What started out as me tyring to figure out what God wanted me to do and Christy wanting no part of it, has grown our family. We love each of the people within the group and are ready to see what God has for the group over the next year. Friendships have grown and lives have been shaped over the last year. Christy and I have a new daughter from this group and along with Lindsey came Kristin. What a precious gift from God this group has been for us. Yes, our family is growing and we are very excited.

So, as God speaks to you and you don’t want to do what He asks, I urge you to act on what He says. If I would have gone against God’s wishes, I would not have the people in the group in my life. I would not have bible study partners on Wednesday nights, anyone at my house on Tuesday night or new family members to love and cherish forever.

So in short, thanks to each one of you in the group. You each have a special place in my heart and with your help, this has been an amazing year. I only pray that year 2 is as amazing and growing as year 1.

Love you all!!

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