After the Comma

I heard a guy on sports talk radio the other day talking about what’s after the comma that is put at the end of your name describing you. He was talking about Sam Bradford, Heisman Trophy winner. According to him, he will never be anything because he will never have anything important after the comma or a comma at all he thought.

As I sat thinking about this, I thought how sad for him. To have nothing to be proud of and to think that nobody will remember him after he’s gone because it doesn’t say Heisman Trophy winner or Hall of Famer. But to me, that’s all fluff. If that’s all you are to be remembered for, will you really be remembered?

I don’t think so. I like mine. Mine reads as this: R Dennis Amason, husband, dad, son, brother, friend, uncle, cousin and Saved Child of God. That’s what’s after my comma. I think I can live and die with those words behind my name. Can you live or die with what’s behind your name?

Love you all!

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