Tiny Moments

In a conversation the other night with someone, something came to my mind and that’s what I want to talk about today. It’s in conversations like I was having that night that makes true Godly relationships priceless. Just both people being real and discussing what God says to discuss.

Anyway, we were talking about this and that. It was a father daughter conversation and one that will stick in my mind forever. We talked for a while about the week and then it happened. God allowed our hearts to come together for the betterment of our family. Yes, our family because she’s a HUGE part of it.

What came from that conversation was this. We were talking about being real people and helping each other no matter how big or tiny; that’s the word she used, tiny. I told her that no matter the situation no matter how big or tiny, we have to be there for each other. We have to be willing to listen, pray and give counsel.

We have to know there will be big moments like broken hearts, financial issues, family issues and dreams that are shattered in front of our very eyes. These are the things that everyone sees. The things that stick out and where the hurt or happiness show. It’s easy to come together in these moments and support each other because they are noticeable and need immediate attention. They bring us together but don’t always mold us together for good.

But was we continued, our conversation went from talking about these big things to a talk about the things that don’t really show. The tiny things. The passion that’s inside that hurts when you fail but also hurts so badly reaching the goal. The tiny things that only one or two people know. The desires you have have shared with just a few. The stubbed toe, the stupid mistakes, the lost love you never had, the, well, the things that mold us. The tiny things are the things that if you are brave enough to share them with anyone they could make you vulnerable. But they make you grow at the same time. They don’t stick out until you look at your heart. And they only stick out to you. They are comforting but hard at the same time. Tiny things help us help others and keep us from helping others, thus hurting others without knowing. But all in all, they are us.

As I write this, I only have love and admiration for people who can share the tiny things. The ones who don’t let them stop them from going in the direction God is calling them. The people who help the hurting becasue they hurt and help the ones who don’t really need help but feel it’s necessary. It’s the people who share everything they have even when it hurts. The ones who can open their hearts long enough to let others hurts in to help ease their pain. The ones who can just sit and listen and not judge the other person. The ones who well, who can help us work through our tiny things. To work together for the betterment of them, their family and most importantly, God.

That’s who I want to be. Yes, I’ve had my moments. I’ve helped but I’ve hindered. I’ve not listened to the calling of God in my life because of the tiny things I try to hold onto so dearly but should give to Him. I listened a few times and in those moments, it’s amazing. I’ve grown and moved just a step closer to being who I’m called to me. He will allow me to be me, if I allow Him to move in me.

As the conversation came to an end, I told her to remember this and I will ask the same of anyone who reads this. Remember in big moments, it’s easy to cling to each other and grow; but it takes the tiny moments to melt our hearts into one for Christ.

I do love you all and I ask that you pray for me, Christy, Elisabeth and Garrett. We are learning about our tiny things and we are growing closer to each other and to Christ but it is painful at times.

Love you all!

And to the daughter who helped write this, thanks and know that I love you!

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