Stand Up or Shut Up, Revisited

Well, thanks for the responses to the last posting, Stand Up or Shut Up. I did however have one question that seemed to come up and I promised someone I would answer it for them. That’s what I said I would do, so here it goes.

The question was; if you stand up for what you believe and you are told to shut up, then what do you do?

Let me start off by saying this actually crossed my mind and I wanted to include it in the previous posting but I wanted to make sure there were others this has happened to. I do find that no matter what you believe you will always have some that just blow you off for whatever reason. However, you MUST stand your ground. If there’s one thing I have learned over time is that people may not like it when you stand your ground but they will respect you for it, even if you don’t immediately know it.

Herein lies the problem. What if the people who are telling you to sit down and shut up are people who either don’t respect you or don’t really understand your position? For whatever reason they are always correct or they just feel as if you are overstepping boundaries or trying to make them look bad. This creates a whole new group of problems but you have to be ready for opposition. If you firmly believe you are correct, back it up with facts. If you have the facts and they still tell you to sit down and shut up, then please don’t get discouraged and walk away. Find someone to talk to this about and begin getting counsel from those you trust. Maybe it’s you who is actually wrong or maybe you are going about it in the wrong way. Whatever you do though, don’t ever jeopardize your faith or values. This will lead to people seeing you as a flappable person and it will be hard to ever gain the respect of those around you.

Another point is that your opinion can always be questioned. Remember that opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and at times, they really stink. You have to allow yourself to be questioned on your opinions. There are times people question you only to find out more about you, the situation or to see if they can help. This also allows us to gain understanding and it also allows us to grow. Please don’t misconstrue your opinions for standing up for a known fact. And please don’t let anyone try to convince you of something that is against your values.

I know this is probably more than this question needed but I wanted to play a little CYA (cover your assets) with this one. Just know that when you stand up for your beliefs, there are people watching and admiring you. Even when you don’t see it or hear it, know the support is there. People can’t help but notice when the words that come out of our mouths match the way we live. Hang in there and continue standing tall and strong for your beliefs. But please do remember that if you won’t take the action, then don’t bring it up. That way nobody can tell you to shut up.

Love you all!!

One comment

  1. Dan · November 11, 2008

    I agree…I believe it was Martin Luther who said “Peace if possible, Truth at all costs.”

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