Stand Up or Shut Up

So as most of you know, I’m a news and talk radio junkie. Over the past 6 weeks we have heard that our country is in the worst economic times in over 100 years. You hear that people are losing their jobs and homes at a record pace and the unemployment is at levels not seen in years (14 years to be exact). The dollar is not strong and consumer confidence is low. The media and many politicians, including President George W. Bush and President Elect Barack Obama, have said this country is actually worse off now that it was during the Great Depression.

Hearing all of this just pisses me off and here’s why. My Grandparents actually lived through the Great Depression and trust me, we are nowhere close to being where they were. My Granddad Rivers told me 4 days before he died as we went through some World War II stuff that he hoped and prayed that our country didn’t get into a war or go through tough economic times because we didn’t have the leadership to lead us or the desire to work through it. He also let me know we were the softest Americans in our country’s history.

When he told me this, my ears really perked up becasuse I was afraid he was right. At that time, we were not in the Iraq war and the economy was booming. He told me not enough Americans knew the value of work, love, giving or honesty. He lived in a time when people not only talked about change but they actually stood up to change things. And they also used to stand up for their beliefs and shared them with people.

This brings me to today. I can clearly see what Granddad Rivers was talking about. We do have the ability to change things. The American people are still the hardest working and brightest people in the world. The problem we have in America today is that we have all of these ideas and changes we believe need to be made but it seems people don’t want to stand up for their beliefs and actually make their ideas come to life. We talk about change as a slogan instead of a something to do. We throw it around and really can’t say what change we want, we just want change.

I for one, am guilty of this. I have become the “typical” American here in the 21st century and I know all of my grandparents would be disappointed. I have sat around and griped but done nothing. I sit and talk with friends and family about my ideas but don’t bother to call my congressman or senator about it. I see things at church I don’t agree with and until very recently, sat back and did nothing. I believe things at work should change but don’t feel I should say anything. This has happened to all of us and America has lost it’s mystic and respect the Greatest Generation and others fought for becasue of this.

My granddad told me we would fold up and just take it. He did not feel there was any way good people would stand up for their beliefs and we would coutinue taking our country and freedom for granted. We have become a very spoiled and soft country. We are the richest people in the world financially but have become the poorest people in standing up for what we believe in. We can’t take the bloodshed of war that is sometimes necessary. We can’t take it when the economy goes down and feel sorry for ourselves when we have to go and flip burgers or clean a toliet to pay the bills. We really have no idea what it means to do without. When times get tough would rather moan and groan than do something about it.

We have to remember that living in this country is a blessing and we have to respect those who have fought to keep it a blessing and free. Voting is not a right but a responsibility and so is knowing about every candidate, not just the one the media is in love with. We have to love our children and grandchildren enough to leave them the country our grandparents left us. They left us a tough, prosperous nation. They left us values and ideas and showed us it’s okay to stand up for what we believe.

Here’s what I ask. If you want things to actually change, will you as an American stand up for your beliefs? Will you raise your children as you were raised or will you do it like a book says to do it? Will you get back to the basic principles set forth throughout the Bible, both Old and New Testament, or just use the “feel good” Jesus churches want us to know? Will you and your family sit down at the dinner table and talk through the problems and triumphs of the day? Will you let your faith be passed to your kids or will you be the last generation in your family for the Kingdom?

We can all be part of the solution or part of the problem. It’s your choice. You can either stand up or shut up. Your country, family and God needs you to stand up no matter your beliefs. If you can’t stand up, then do us all a favor and shut up.

Love you all!!

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  1. srcagle · November 10, 2008

    Amen Dennis!!!

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