myspace or facebook?

I have recently become some sort of a facebook junky, as many of you know, but I just can’t help it. I have found many friends from the past there and it’s good to catch up with them. But it seems to me there is some sort of difference between myspace and facebook. Yes, I have a page on both services but I really like facebook just a whole lot more. I bring this up because in this age of computers, phones and other communication devices, people have lost personal touch. Not only have we lost our skills to communicate with each other in person but to a point we have lost our desire to do so. We have also lost the art of developing relationships with each other without online services. This becomes a danger on so many levels.

What I have noticed in my life is that when my relationships begin to suffer with people, so does my relationship with God. We are in danger of closing out people and God and this cannot happen. We will let anyone see our lives on myspace or facebook but does it really tell the truth of who we are? In fact, some probably do but we can still hide certain things in the words and pictures. But when we have a personal relationship, it’s much harder to hide things. And please remember you can’t hide anything from God.

So, with all of this myspace or facebook talk, maybe we should try a couple of things. Maybe we should allow people to get into “myspace” and find out who we really are, no matter how scary that could be. Start spending time with those close to you and those you want to learn more about. It’s actually fun getting to know people but please remember, it’s hard at times. And just maybe we should get on our face with THE BOOK! Spend some time on your face in prayer and in the Bible studying God’s Word. You will be blessed more and more by doing this, even if you don’t realize it’s happening. God just wants you to pursue you and bless you with His words and love! Don’t close people out because when you do, it becomes easier to close God out.

Love you all!

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  1. rickyg · October 26, 2008

    Potato potahto.

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