Fall from Grace

Over the past few years, we have seen pastors, political leaders and companies go from the top of the world to a bad name everywhere. This has happened since the beginning of time but has become a part of everyday life now. I bring this up because just like Jimmy Swaggert, Enron and many others quick and improbable crashes, I have seen this in my life very recently.

I saw a company go from the top to what seems to be almost inevitable bankruptcy in less than 1 week. This puzzled me at first and to be honest, I smiled because of the circumstances I guess. I am not totally sure what happened but as more pieces of the puzzle get laid out, just like in the Swaggert and Enron cases, I see a pattern that I want to try to avoid. Pride and greed got the best of a man. His desires, not God’s calling was at the front of his life. This not only has ruined a great business but many people have been hurt because of this pride and greed. Over 150 people are now looking for jobs because they lost theirs. While I know 150 is nowhere close to Enron, Tyco, WorldcomMCI or others, this is huge to me because it’s a small community and I know many of them.

The inevitable finally happened last week and while it was hard to see, it had to happen because in this day and time, pride and greed must be destroyed. I have been a prideful man at times and for this, I am sorry. I have also been greedy. Greed of money, time, and knowledge and in so many other areas. For this, I am very sorry. I have tried to give up the pride and greed but it’s just so hard. But seeing the state of people and the problems that can arise from this, I am begging to be released from myself. So, if you have problems letting go of your pride, greed or anything else, I pray that you allow God to release the bondage you put yourself in. It’s amazing how we can get ourselves into messes like these but God can and will totally free us from them if we ask and believe.

Love you all!!

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