In Color

For those of you who really know me, you know I kind of like listening to country music, especially the older styles. One of my favorite songs is In Color by Jamey Johnson. The song is great and his voice is one that I really like to hear because it reminds me of something that would have been cut on an album years ago. But sitting and listening to the song kind of makes me think about a time with my Grandad.

This time was one that I got to talk to my Grandad Rivers for what I have to say was the best week of my life. He was able to show me photos and talk me through what was going on in each photo, who everyone was and the year. The cool thing I remember about the black and white photos he showed me were the imperfections. The imperfections were there but the shades of grey really hid most of the imperfections and detail. I learned so much from him that week and I realized that seeing him in black and white was what he wanted me to see but he wanted me to think about the color that was missing. Finding the color in his stories is where I learned the most about him and the times. I was able to see his parents and Grandparents and I got to learn so much about his life during the Great Depression, World War II and how he and Grandma raised 10 kids in the Texas Panhandle.

After we got done looking at the pictures, we talked for a few hours about what we saw together. What we saw were amazing people who’s lives were forever framed in black and white but they were colorful people. I learned about the faith it took to overcome the Great Depression, the courage and determination it took to win WWII and the sacrifice it took to raise 10 kids. When looking at things in black and white, remember they happened in color. What is meant by that is that every person has a story that yes, seen in black and white could be great but seen in color it will blow you away. I loved listening to his stories and I miss him greatly but it’s just remembering that he lived in color that makes his stories wonderful.

I can only ask that when you are listening to someone’s stories or seeing their photos, remember they happened in color and the color is what tells the entire story. It adds the detail that may be hidden by the shades of grey. It pulls their life together and you get to see the real person and the situation they were in. Through the good times and the bad, people’s lives are formed. So, any chance you get, sit and listen and even if all you want to see is the black and white, try to close your eyes and imagine it in color. There’s no doubt in black and white you’ll get their story but in color, you’ll get the details of their lives.

Live your life in color and don’t let the shades of grey cover who God wants you to be. Follow the passion God has given you and share it with as many people as you possibly can. The world will be a better place just for seeing everyone’s life in color!!

Love you all!!

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