2 Week Notice

So this week, 2 people in my life has given their respective companies 2 week notices that they have decided to take their lives in different directions. I really don’t know why I wonder about stuff like I do but I wonder why in our lives we give our employers 2 weeks notice but we don’t give those closest to us a notice when we leave their life.

Throughout my life I have seen people crushed by others because out of nowhere, they were hit with an immediate notice of get the heck out of my life. But when it comes to our employer, we feel obligated to give a 2 week notice. Many times employers don’t accept them and allow us to leave much faster than the 2 weeks. But when it comes to those closest to us, a sudden notice works better in our minds.

Here’s some of my observations on what seems to be a weird phenomenon. When people quit their jobs, they don’t want to burn any bridges and they certainly want to make sure they get what is “due” to them. Things like a paycheck and vacation time, is what we want to make sure we get when we leave. There’s also this idea that if things don’t work out at some point in your life then you can always come back to this place and get a job if you leave on the right terms.

These are all right reasons to give a 2 week notice when you leave a job but why is it that so many people leave relationships with people with no notice at all? In my life, I have seen people come and go with no notice and they burn so many bridges with the people who they have spent so much time developing relationships with. It just makes no sense to me that when we end relationships so abruptly that we feel the need to put a stick of dynamite under the bridge and make sure it’s gone forever. People get this idea that change is bad and moving on can only be done by not seeing or talking to the person or people they just ended the relationship with. I have done this in my past and I have seen only hurt, frustration and lack of growth come from this.

So, I guess what we have to do is swallow our pride and GET OVER IT! There are seasons when friends are going to come and go but please, when this happens don’t put the dynamite under the bridge and blow it up. This will only hurt everyone involved and not allow you or the other person to grow in the direction you are supposed to grow. So, please, before you leave a relationship, give the other person enough love and respect to give them some notice and allow yourself the ability to come back to the relationship, just in case you need it or desire it later in life.

Love you all!!


  1. Manda · October 22, 2008

    well said, my friend.

  2. ShainaW. · October 23, 2008

    good stuff to think on. and live by.

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